PyAttributes is a plug-in for Dia, a nice diagram editor.

PyAttributes let's you add extra attributes, a sort of metadata, to any object in a diagram. These attributes don't change the look of the diagram but can store different values depending on type. Some attributes can perform a action, like executing a command or display a webpage.

To use PyAttributes you need the CVS version of Dia, it will not work with version 0.94. There are instructions on Dia's webpage on how to obtain the latest snaphot.

Important! In Dia you have to remove the menu in the Diagram window and replace it with the context menu (right click on the diagram). You have to change this in the preferences. Only the context menu contains a 'Dialog' where PyAttributes resides.

To install just download and unpack. Then run the setup script to install it in your home dir:

$ install

Or for all user:

$ install --install_lib /usr/share/dia/python

PyAttributes is developed and tested on Linux, but it should work on everything with Python, PyGtk and Dia. Please mail me if you try it on anything but Linux

Dependencies. To run you need:

Additional dependencies needed to get full functionality. Recomended but not essential: Any decent distribution should have packages for these. On my Ubuntu Breezy system this means something like:

$ sudo apt-get install python-gtk2 python-gnome2-extras python-vte

If you have any problems or suggestions mail me on davidjoh at

PyAttributes is released under the GNU Public License. Logo